Nigeria's favourite pair and music duo have finally split up after several attempts to stay together as a music group. Peter Okoye recently gave hints that he and his brother were having issues as he referred to him as Mr P (his personal brand name). He also mentioned that no one's opinion should matter in your happiness.

Paul Okoye replied, though no names were mentioned. He talked about how the birth of his twin babies were making someone Jealous, restless and having sleepless nights, he also said 'Only a Woman can come where there's peace and destroy it. Try me this time, I swear nays go open. You will know that blood is thicker than juju.' We believe that the Woman in question in this statement is Peter's wife Lola.

Peter reacted afterwards by sending a termination letter to their lawyer Festus Keyamo, to terminate the agreement between Psquare. In the letter he justifies his decision making allegations against their group manager and elder brother Jude Okoye. He said Jude once threatened to kill him and shoot his wife Lola and also said he would bring a coffin for him if he ever came near his house. He claims the incident took place in the presence of Paul and former first lady of Cross River state Mrs Imoke.
Peter also said that his twin brother Paul is no longer willing to work with him as he cancelled their planned US tour this year without informing him. He stated that he has had enough of the drama and wants out off the Psquare group. He also said he loves his brothers and their families and wishes them the very best sin their careers but he cannot betray his wife and kids as they are very important to him. He now refers to himself as Mr P.
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