Almost everyone knows you can naturally get pink lips by scrubbing your lips with honey and sugar at least once a day.

It is a very effective way of getting pink and soft lips for those who try. I don't know about you but most times I decide to do the procedure for at least a month. It's always great the first 3 days until i eventually get tired and quit.

What if i let you in on a little secret, a procedure you wouldn't get tired of. Brushing your lips, yeah i said brushing your lips.This process is also effective because it exfoliates the lips removing the dead skin and leaving the lips brighter and softer. The perks about this process is that you brush your teeth everyday so you might as well brush your lips. NOTE: You have to be extremely gentle because the skin on your lip is very delicate also make sure you use a very soft brush so you don't have sores and say its Benita's fault. Try it, it works.
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