1. Does the whole of your happiness depend on your partner?
2. Do you look to them to supply all your needs in love,finance,sex, and support?
3. Can you comfortably make reasonable decisions on your own, or does your partner have to validate all your actions?
4. Do you have other activities to fill your days with, or do you idly count minutes till the next time you see them?
5. Is this relationship the centre of your universe? How about relationships with other persons? Friends, colleagues, family?
6. Does it annoy you greatly if you are not included in every single one of your partner’s plans?

If your answer to any or few of of these questions is yes, it means you might be needier than normal and that is never a good thing in a relationship.
Here are the 3 simple things you should do to be less emotional needy:

Be less-suffocating
No matter how close you are to another person, it is unhealthy to spend all of your time with him or her. 

Upgrade your self-esteem
 If you honestly believe that you might be exhibiting behaviours linked to neediness, you need to start doing more things on your own.
 You must also learn to feel more secure in your abilities and be more self-assured.

Drop the distrust
Thus, to drop this unneeded character trait, work on yourself till you reach that stage where you are more trusting of your partner and comfortable with the fact that they cannot be with you all day, everyday.
Working till these changes are evident in you will make you a happier, less-independent person and more valued by your partner.
They will know that you can be without them, but you have chosen not to live without them.
Now, doesn’t that sound just totally romantic to you?
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