No matter how emotional or angry you are don't say these thins to Bae because it might just bring your relationship to an end.

If you don’t love me again just say it”
A lot of girls say this maybe because he did something wrong or whatever. Just cut him some slack, stop badgering him to tell you something you really do not want to hear.

“Do what you want I don’t care”
 From experience, when women say this they never mean it.
However, repeating this all the time to your partner might actually make him believe that you indeed do not care.
If he indeed does what he wants, it might be the end of that relationship.

“I want out”
Be careful what you wish for.
Words said in anger might be excused when said once. Repeatedly saying you are no longer in the relationship might eventually cause your partner to let go of you.
Do not cry foul when this happens.

“I wish I never met you”
This is a downright hurtful, terrible thing to say.
Throwing this at your partner at every opportunity you get will cause him to get tired of you and of move on to someone else who won’t regret his presence all the time.

The silent treatment
The worst thing to  apart from these things listed above is to not say anything at all.
No matter the temptation to just sit and say nothing despite there being a lot to say and rant about.
Giving him the silent treatment will cause emotions and unsaid words to pile up over time, and by the time they come bursting out, the damage done might be beyond repair.
Having said all these, the best way to ensure that communication between you and your partner is kept healthy is to be positive, thoughtful and considerate of his feelings when communicating with him.

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